ACMS @ Dyce Academy

ACMS enjoys a close partnership with Dyce Academy.

The Music School and the boarding facility share the same site as Dyce Academy.

Pupils attend as Dyce Academy pupils during the school day, and then attend ACMS after school on a Monday to Thursday basis. This provides time for a wide range of music study and practice. Pupils also receive approximately 3 hours of remission each week to allow them to have music lessons and practice time.

ACMS pupils will usually take their National 5 music qualification and Scottish Higher qualification a year early which helps to faciliatate their ACMS - specific timetable remission.

ACMS runs 10 Specialist Weekends per year, where pupils are able to focus specifically on their individual playing, performing, and ensemble work. These weekend often invole a masterclass given by a specialist in their field. The weekends finish with a concert.


Here is a copy of a typical timetable